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Kiss Your Life Wall Tarp

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This handmade crackled tarp features the following: "Kiss Your Life Accept It As It Is. Today. Now. So That Those Moments Of Happiness You're Waiting For Do Not Pass You By. Kiss Your Life Today Now Just As It Is."

Dimensions: 36" x 48" - Each tarp is handmade and distressed sizing can vary, each tarp will have crackling and frayed edges. 

These crackled painted wall tarps will have slight variations due to the unique handmade process. Each individual piece is unique and might not match the photo on the website. Meaning there could be a slight variation in size, shape, and/or color. Please be aware of this when placing your order. 

Each tarp is made with lead free/ non-toxic paint.

*All Sugarboo & Co. Tarps are Custom Order and ship directly from their manufacturer. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for shipping.