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Honey Do List Art

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Availability: All art prints are made to order and generally take 4-6 weeks in production before shipping out.

Color Variation Information: All art prints are handmade, color variations from what is pictured will occur. All art prints are framed using nails. Nail holes are also expected to be seen and are featured in every art print.

This two-panel art print features a white background filled to overflowing with all the positive and encouraging messages, lessons and words of gratitude necessary for a happy and gracious life. The “Honey Do List” reads:

TOP PANEL: “Love & Hope & Listen & Forget Perfect & Appreciate Everything & Sleep Under the Stars & Trust Your Gut & Sip Some Tea & Hug a Tree & Heal Your Heart & Find Blessings Everywhere & Be Present & Worry Less & Keep Shining & Plant Flowers & Move to Another City & Say Yes A Lot & Have Patience & Show Up & Take Care of Yourself & Practice What You Preach & Choose Love & Save the Bees & Embrace Change & Sneak a Kiss & Be Kind & Live & Let Live & Go All in & Stumble & Fall & Rise & Begin Again & Pay Attention & Be True & Tame Your Fears & Thank Your Parents & Breathe & Simplify & Keep Good Company & Travel & Do No Harm & Open Your Heart & Shed Your Old Ways & Enjoy Yourself & Dwell in Possibility & Walk in the Woods & Live Bravely & Watch Out for Each Other & Stretch Your Wings & Take a Chance & Be a Nice Human & Sing & Dance & Forage & Hold Hands & Jump in the Ocean & Expect Miracles & Be Good & Do Good & Call Your Mom & Have a Smashing Good Time”

BOTTOM PANEL: “& Keep On Keeping On & Feed Your Soul & Do Everything & Do Nothing & Dwell on Beauty & Fall Apart & Put Yourself Back Together Again & Hop on a Train with Nothing to Gain & Cheer Somebody Up & Fall in Love & Be You & Have Courage & Rescue Dogs & Remember Forgiveness & Stay Curious & Find the People Who Bring Out the Best in You & Paddle Your Own Canoe & Protect Mother Earth & Wander & Roam & Take that Road Less Traveled & Stay Humble & Laugh Too Much & Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve & Promote Peace & Let Go & Remember Who You Are & Do Your Best & Find the Silver Lining & Lay in the Grass & Be Happy & Seize the Day & Take a Leap of Faith & Never Settle & Stand in Your Truth & Be a Pioneer & Dangle Your Legs Off a Mountain & Rise & Shine & Figure Out Why You Are on this Big Beautiful Planet & Risk Your Heart & Keep Your Head Up & Follow Your Own Star & Remember Everything Happens for a Reason & Keep that Fire in Your Belly & Chase Those Dreams & Know You are Loved & Scatter Your Joy & Help Little Things Grow & Repeat.” 

Available in multiple sizes:

  • 36" x 72" (two panels)
  • 23" x 46" (two panels)
  • 12" x 24" (two panels)
All Sugarboo art prints are hand made to order from start to finish. Production generally takes around 4-6 weeks. Since the art is made by hand the frame and piece of wood the art print comes on is nailed together in the final stage of production. Nail holes are meant to be visible and can be seen in all of Sugarboo's art prints.