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Color Safari Poster Decal

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Artist Pope Twins knows that deep in the jungle, animals crawl and climb... elephants, giraffes, even monkeys swinging from vines. Fabric wall decals with incomparable quality and color vibrancy. These wall decals are removable and can be repositioned over time, without damaging your walls. Posters That Stick adhere best against a flat surface and are proudly printed in the USA.

These fabric wall decals have incomparable quality and color vibrancy. Decorate your walls while protecting them with our decal artwork. Each piece is non-toxic woven polyester and has acrylic removable pressure-sensitive adhesive. The combination of fabric and adhesive allows easy removability of this product from normal wall surfaces. These artful adhesives are manufactured to be chlorine and phthalate-free.

Dimensions: 18" x 24"