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Birthstone Crystal Wishing Bottles

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These crystal wishing bottles have a piece of paper along with a piece of lavender inside that you can use to write a wish. You can use this in place of greeting card, write a message and pass it on! 

Lavender is almost always symbolically used to represent healing and calmness. Some of the most common meanings for the lavender flower include: serenity, calm, grace, devotion, silence, and purity. In addition to symbolizing tranquility and relaxation. Lavender is often used to symbolize femininity, grace, and elegance, too. 

January: Maroon
February: Violet (dark purple)
March: Orange
April: White
May: Moss (dark green)
June: Periwinkle (light purple)
July: Red
August: Olive (light green)
September: Indigo
October: Blush
November: Tangerine
December: Sky (light blue)