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5 Year Daily Journal - Be Happy

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This Be Happy 5 Year Daily Journal is your personal place to think, feel, discover, remember and dream. Write a small snippet of your life every day over the course of 5 years to capture memories you can look back on, re-read & share! You start on the month you get it and write in the year yourself, so you can stop and pick back up at any time (we included a bookmark ribbon so you won't lose your spot)! We love that the daily spaces are small so there’s no pressure to write a “novel” every day! Just a few words to describe how you feel for the day is all you need! The journal is hardback and comes with a bookmark ribbon so you can easily keep track of where you are. It’s so special and makes the perfect, heartfelt gift for someone you love!

Dimensions: 5" W x 7" L x 1.25" H