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Shiseido Sweat and Oil Blotting Paper

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90 single-use sheets per package Control excess oil and stay shine-free with these convenient, on-the-go oil-absorbing sheets. These blotting papers have a powerful oil-absorbing ingredient that freshens skin and eliminates shine.

A quick solution to reduce the appearance of oily sheen on the skin that appears as the day goes on. Powder-coated sheets deliver freshness to skin while absorbing oil. Helps to visibly correct imperfections and maintain a smooth, matte finish. Dermatologist-tested.

This is a "pop-up" type blotting paper, when you take a piece out, the one next to it pops up automatically ready for next pick. How to use When concerned about shine, press powder coated side against skin. Repeat as needed. Ingredients 100% natural pulp.