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Soft Blue Fuzzy Giving Socks with Grippers

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Super fuzzy and warm, these Women's Light Blue Fuzzy Giving Socks with Grippers are like a hug for your feet. Socks that are more like slippers, they are woven using a unique feather knit for superior coziness. These Fuzzy Giving Socks are warm and cozy indoor slippers you can wear around the house. Gift them to a wonderful wife, daughter, mother, or sister this season. The Giving Collection is filled with pieces meant to give extra comfort to those in need. The soft and cozy fabrics and weighted items are ideal for instantly making the day a little bit better. We all need a little comfort now and then... A reminder to help us know that we are not alone in the world... That someone is in our corner cheering us on not matter what.  These socks have been knit together with love to remind you someone is always thinking of you with warm, fuzzy feelings, and a hug in their heart.

Size: 5" x 17"

Acrylic and polyester. Care instructions: machine wash cold, do not bleach. Hang to dry.