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Heartful Coffee Pod Mug Ornament

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The Heartful Coffee Pod Mug Ornaments are a beautiful miniature mug-shaped ornament. Each piece is perfectly sized to hold espresso, a small plant or succulent or a coffee pod, making them the perfect unique gift. A part of The Heartful Home by Tracy Pesche Collection, this piece celebrates the love and beauty that is experienced between friends, family and other loved ones each and every day throughout our lives. These mini mug ornament are perfect for gifting to any coffee lover on your list this season.
Dimensions: 3" W x 2.5" H; 3 oz.
Food Safe, Handwash Only
  • Black: Black and White Polka Dot with Two Red Hearts
  • Yellow: Yellow Heart with Black Dots
  • Blue: Blue Heart with Black Circles
  • Red: Red Heart with Black Stripes